Foam Rolling at Home via One Down Dog

FRIDAY, January 29, 2021

5:30 - 6:45 pm


Foam rolling techniques smooth, rehydrate, and restore tight and hardened muscles and tissues. These overused areas of the body are directly related to our everyday habits and movement patterns. (think: working at a desk!). We know these stiff and sore sensations all too well. We’ll focus on tension relief for our necks, shoulders, upper and lower backs, thighs and calves. Join me in exploring fun and creative ways to rehydrate and melt away the tightness and pain that gets in your way.

If you don’t have a foam roller, I suggest the MELT METHOD company (they also have great small massage balls for hands and feet, if you’re interested).



Thai Yoga Partner Massage

Saturday, February 13, 2021

2:30 - 4:30 pm


$35 per pair

Grab your roomie, your sister, your friend, or your honey! This massage is an incredible act of tenderness towards someone you love. Tibetan monks used this technique to practice metta, or loving-kindness, with each other. This experience takes place on the floor using blankets and pillows, so no fancy table needed. Body weight compressions (rather than kneading with fingers) make this practice easy on those with arthritic hands or easily-tired arms! Appropriate for all levels of experience and all ages.



Jump Through,Jump Back

SUNDAY March 28, 2021

2:00 -3:30 pm


$25 per individual

The elusive jump through to seated from downward facing dog and its twin, jump back to chaturanga dandasana from seated or plank (or even crow pose) can feel so. darn. tough. You don’t have to have handstand strength to get it going, though! Join me for a 90-minute break down of how to start, and how to clean up what you’ve got. We’ll use some blocks and socks for starters and then fly freely!