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Conscious breath and movement 



Her Journey


Katherine Bradshaw, based in Los Angeles, California offers in-home private yoga, in-office yoga, and meditation. She also offers yoga retreats locally and abroad. Katherine infuses her classes with mindfulness practices, self-compassion practices, and yogic philosophy. Her seamless style of assisting students into the body-mind connection, while keeping movement flowing, results in inspiring classes and an integrative healing experience. Her technique focuses on harmonizing the inner and outer worlds, leaving students feeling grounded, relaxed, and open.



At age 11, Katherine wandered into a local yoga studio near her childhood home and was hooked. She continued to practice throughout her early years and in 2009, at age 17, signed up for her first teacher training with Santa Monica Yoga. Under the careful instruction of Nancy Goodstein, Kyra Haglund, and Shari Friedrichsen, she completed 200 hours and began to teach.


Over the past few years, Katherine has been refining her teaching style under the guidance of Chad Dennis and Jenn Perry of ROAM LA; Cat Aquaviva, and Abbie Galvin of The Studio (a Katonah Yoga studio). Most recently she has undergone mentorship with Mary Dana Abbott. 


Katherine's style of vinyasa class organizes the anatomy and the breath-led movement toward a peak pose through sequencing that builds and expands. Each class offers includes hands-on adjustments (with your permission), breath-work, and meditation.

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Your practice holds up a mirror and asks you to look inward.

Ardha Ustrasana

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