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Private Yoga Classes

Practicing privately means each class is tailored to your needs and desires.

Each session, whether online or in person will be time for you to move, breathe and reconnect to yourself. 

I offer hands-on adjustments when in person with your permission.

Private Yoga can include

Foam Rolling, Ball Rolling and other fascia work

Chair Yoga

Adding Pilates + strength training to yoga

Balance and Stability  

Burnout Recovery (meditation, yin yoga, and breathwork)

Thai Yoga Massage

Pre- and postnatal classes

Private Yoga Classes

  • 60-min classes designed just for you!

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri

  • Available Online

    60-min classes designed to your needs, goals, and level through Zoom.

    Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri

  • $65/couple. An incredible act of tenderness to your sweetheart.

    65 US dollars
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